This Shopping Guide is for the thousands of people who are just finding out what the worldwide web has to offer. The ease with which you can buy products and services and the value that can be achieved by simply buying direct from source. However there are a number of obstacles that everyone has to face. First when you visit any web site do not be put off by what you many things to read, pictures that say click and places that say pay. You must stay calm, do not panic. The answer to any problem or concern that you are not sure about and may not even understand is only one click away. Patience is a virtue or so the saying goes... the internet epitomizes this phrase. If you find yourself moving away from website after few minutes then it may simply be that you are not maximizing the use of the phrase "Search Engine available." This Help site may add color to the gray areas you are experiencing.


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The Basics

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We introduce you to Jerry's Havens Know All and Tell All...  This webpages explain the basic of Internet.  What is a webpage? What is html? And even how to recognize any free work that  you use on the web that is not written by you personally.  The internet is the world largest forum of ideas.  

One in six people have an internet email account which speaks for itself.  A staggering percentage when you understand how many people around the world cannot read or write.


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